Conference Agenda

Tuesday 4th October 2016, QEII Centre, London SW1P 3EE

09:30 Plenary Session

Conference Chair, Phil Gibson, Chair of Innopsis

Patrick Clark, Head of Transformation and Communications, NHS Digital

Mark Smith, Head of PSN, Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office

Phil Swan, Director, Greater Manchester Connect and iNetwork

Siobhan Coughlan, Programme Manager, Local Government Association

Ian Fishwick, CEO, AdEPT Telecom and Commercial Director, Innopsis

11:00 Refreshments and networking

11:30 HSCN - better, faster and cheaper than N3
HSCN, the Health and Social Care Network will shortly replace N3, the NHS data network provided by BT. Instead of having a single network paid for centrally by NHS Digital the funding will be devolved to end user customers so that they can decide what to buy and from which HSCN certified supplier they choose.

This gives end users a choice of suppliers and more importantly, a choice of technologies with different speeds at different prices. it also allows NHS bodies to connect with other regional organisations (so long as they all use HSCN certified products).

The price of data connectivity has fallen dramatically over the last few years so come and hear how you can have a new network that is better, faster and cheaper than N3.

Ian Fishwick, CEO, AdEPT Telecom and Commercial Director, Innopsis

12:00 Network integration of Health and Social Care
Everyone wants infrastructure sharing, but everyone also wants you to share their infrastructure...

Because Health systems and Social Care systems tend to be on distinct networks, process and systems sharing invariably required you to purchase additional connectivity from the other network in order to connect it to yours - assuming governance and security concerns allowed it at all. However, there is now another way of enabling this integration, one that will enable you to reuse your current infrastructure.

In this session we will show you how it's done. How it can work now, how it will work with HSCN and how systems and process integration is enabled.

Keith Smith, Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business

12:30 Migration to HSCN - A SME's view of the practicalities of making the transition
Behind the main agenda to transition from N3 to HSCN are a number of sub-agendas including encouraging SME participation in the HSCN market and re-use of existing public sector infrastructure.  MLL are an SME and is the WAN supply partner to Suffolk County Council, which is actively engaged with the local health community. We have also been contributing to the supplier engagement programme helping to shape the way the HSCN will be built, procured and operated.

This presentation will describe the progress being made in Suffolk towards delivering HSCN connectivity and the real test of how straighforward (or not) it is for an SME to operate under the obligations framework.

Ian Wilcox, Market Development Director, Public Sector, MLL Telecom

13:00 - 13:15 Q&A

13:15 Lunch and networking

14:00 Next generation connectivity for the NHS
Hear the first-hand experiences of our speakers from Kent PSN and Updata as they address the challenges of the N3 network replacement.

Our session will focus specifically on how to utilise regional networks to provide a cost effective, secure and flexible services for the NHS. As an introduction Beatrice will provide a communications provider's approach to shared service network infrastructure. Jeff will then share the current initiatives underway in Kent PSN to integrate COIN and GP surgeries, addressing some of the key challenges that were faced and overcome. The session will amply demonstrate that where local regional infrastructure is in place it can be maximised successfully to provide interoperability between health and care organisations and wider public sector stakeholders, ultimately delivering better care quality and improved patient experience.

Beatrice Butsana-Sita, Managing Director, Updata Infrastructure
Jeff Wallbank, Head of Kent PSN Partnership

14:30 Delivering a cyber-secure health transformation
Security should be an enabler of digital health transformation, not a barrier to it.  As one of the largest UK and global network operators, BT has both a clear view onto the threats directed at customers and the day to day experience of defending critical national infrastructure and services against the rapidly growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks.  Neil will outline how BT manages security, protecting itself and major customers from people, process and technology viewpoints.

The session will look objectively at the nature of threats and their relevance to health and social care service providers.  It will also consider the changing nature of the health risk landscape and the effect that opening internet, cloud and mobile access can have on the ‘attack surface’ and vulnerabilities such as ransomware, device exploits or insider threats.  We’ll also explain how we're helping protect health services today and look at considerations and learning points to help ensure safe digital transformation.

Neil Mellor, Channel Director, Government and Health Security, BT

15:00 - 15:10 Q&A

15:10 Refreshments and networking

15:40 The Health and Social Care Network Obligations Framework
NHS Digital, (previously HSCIC), with support from Innopsis, are nearing completion of the Health and Social Care Network Obligations Framework. The Obligations Framework sets out what the supply and to an extent what the recipient organisation must do to supply or consume network and application services. HSCN is a disaggregated supply model which means all organisations will need to have a clear understanding of the operational model to be successful in this market.

Innopsis worked with NHS Digital to create the Obligations Framework and in our presentation we will cover

HSCN Compliance and Obligations on suppliers
The disaggregated model how it works
Interconnectivity and use of a proposed Peering Exchange
Connectivity options and service obligations
The end to end Service Model
The Deed of Undertaking its purpose
What to expect in the next six months of activity

Michael Bowyer, Founder, Loddiswell Consulting; Board Member, Innopsis and Workstream Leader for the HSCN Programme with NHS Digital

16:10 How the Crown Commercial Service is helping deliver HSCN
An overview of the Crown Commercial Service, and an insight into how HSCN users can procure services.

Ieuan Trigger, Category Director for Network Services, Crown Commercial Service

16:40 - 16:55 Q&A and Chair's closing remarks

Please note agenda, speakers and timings may be subject to change