Care Quality Commission report on integrated health and social care integration

Written on 13/07/2016 12:31:48

Older people denied effective and personalised care due to poor integration across local systems, according to health watchdog.

A new report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has warned that although there is widespread commitment to health and social care integration, ‘substantial progress’ is needed for people who use a variety of services.

The reports findings include:

Where CQC found health and social care was not integrated, the individual services lacked a culture which supported collaboration.
There are organisational barriers that make it difficult for services to identify older people at risk of deterioration or unplanned hospital admission in a timely manner, including a lack of consistency in the use of assessments and sharing information.
Many initiatives to encourage and enable joint working were inconsistent, short term and reliant on partial or temporary funding and goodwill between providers rather than part of mainstream service delivery.
The monitoring and evaluation of integrated care was insufficient or not carried out.
A lack of connection between services often resulted in older people and their families or carers taking responsibility for navigating complex local services and this could result in people falling through the gaps and only being identified in a crisis.

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